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How To Get More Clients And Charge More By Making Yourself The Expert

Hello I'm An ExpertAlmost everyone has an expertise in something, whether it’s making model airplanes or making sales.

Because I know so many marketers, coaches and authors, most of the people I mingle with have professional expertise – they get paid to provide their expert knowledge to others, whether it’s in the form of consultancy, information or as some sort of service.

What these professional experts want to know is how to get more clients and charge more for their expertise.

Today, I’m going to tell you about two easy ways to do this if you’re a professional expert who wants to get more clients and charge more for what you do.

The first, which you may have guessed was coming, is to get testimonials that focus on your expertise and authority in your area of business.

A simple way to do this is to ask an appropriate question as part of a set of questions when soliciting testimonials. Here’s just one of many formulas you could use for that question:

Why is [enter your name] the number one expert at [enter what you do] and why should others choose [name] and no one else for that product/service?

The second easy way to get more clients and charge more for what you do is to get yourself on television as the go-to Celebrity Expert.

Did You Say “Easy” Simon?

Yes, I did say “easy”. Once you’ve been on TV as the expert in your field, you’ll find you have clients lining up to do business with you and as a result, you can build up a waiting list and increase your prices. You will turn yourself into an expert in demand.

You may think that getting on TV isn’t easy. Well actually it is, or I wouldn’t have said it.

My friend, Clint Arthur, is the expert at getting people booked on TV as the Celebrity Expert. His Celebrity Launchpad events train and package experts before he brings in TV producers and he guarantees he’ll get you booked on TV.

Now hang on, don’t close this page yet, I’m not selling anything!

Here’s the really easy bit – right now, you have a chance of getting Clint’s expertise without paying a single penny!

Clint has entered a contest, and he’s running his own contest off the back of it. He’s offering one lucky person an all-expenses-paid VIP trip and Scholarship to his Celebrity Launchpad event. He’ll fly you into Hollywood from anywhere in the continental USA, have you picked up in a limousine, deliver you to the W Hotel in Hollywood and pay for 4 nights stay while you attend his event and get booked on TV as the Celebrity Expert.

All you have to do enter Clint’s contest is click on the link below, vote for Clint, and leave a comment explaining what you do – what makes you an expert  - and what you want to present at Clint’s Celebrity Launchpad event.

To increase your chances of winning, you could get your friends to vote too and leave your name in their comment. So you might want to shout this out on your social media accounts, maybe even send an email to your list.

Clint will be picking the lucky winner in a live webinar on Tuesday 10th December at 5pm PST.

Here’s the link to enter:

Good luck!

A 50 Year Old Turkey?

Doctor Who - Turkey50 years ago, an event took place that changed the world.

The day after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, on November 23rd 1963, a new TV show started in the UK on the BBC that became the longest running sci-fi show in the world.

It wasn’t always a success though.

Doctor Who nearly became a giant turkey.

Now before I go on, don’t close this email by mistakenly thinking this is just me geeking out about a sci-fi show – there’s a huge marketing lesson here….

I actually know some 50 year old turkeys. I hope you’re not one of them. I’ll help you figure out if you are one, later in this post.

In 1989, after running the show into the ground, the BBC decided to axe Doctor Who. So how did I end up watching the 50th Anniversary special episode, live in my office in South Carolina on Saturday?

Like many others, including the producer and show-runner responsible for relaunching Doctor Who in 2005, I’ve always been a big fan of the show. I grew up watching the episodes made when I was a kid (starring Peter Davison) and the re-runs with the previous Doctors (Jon Pertwee, Doctor number 3, was my favorite).

The show always had a market. It always had an audience. The BBC missed that when they killed it off in the late 80s.  Thankfully, fresh blood realized this was the case and it was resurrected eight years ago. It’s since become one of the biggest exports and money makers for the BBC.


To be able to regenerate the show and regenerate the Doctor with new actors, the show had to have staying power. Some clever person figured out the ‘regeneration’ bit to explain the change of actors in 1966 when William Hartnell, the first Doctor, retired.

Like any business that has been around as long as the Doctor, the show had to keep up with the times, understand its audience and change accordingly. When the show came back it made use of computer generated imagery (CGI), something the first producers of Doctor Who couldn’t even have dreamed of.

At the heart of any sustainable business, like Doctor Who as a sustainable show, is the market – the audience.

To keep going for 50 years, you have to understand that tastes and the environment change. You have to adapt to give your market what they want.

What was marketing 50 years ago? TV was still young. Radio was hugely important. Newspapers and magazines kept people informed. It might take a month to learn about something ‘newsworthy’.

The internet changed that. So did social media. Facebook is a social gathering on technological steroids. YouTube is the TV station that anyone can start for free, AND be found by their target market.

Are You A 50 Year Old Turkey?

So who are these 50 year old turkeys I mentioned earlier?

The 50 year old turkeys are the people who run businesses who haven’t kept up with the times. They don’t understand their market. They’re like the people who tried to kill off Doctor Who. They don’t get it. And by ‘it’, I mean they don’t get what’s going on around them.

These 50 year old turkeys are still doing things the old fashioned way and aren’t interested in keeping up-to-date. Like the person who cancelled their continuity membership for someone else’s program two weeks ago because the latest advice was about how to attract more clients with video on YouTube, the second most popular search engine in the world.

“I don’t do video, so I didn’t have an interest,” he said in his cancellation notice. “The message wasn’t for me.”

Dumbass! The message was exactly for people like him! He’s missing his market. He’s becoming a 50 year old turkey.

Then there’s the whole bunch of people at a recent event who wanted to reach their ideal clients with social media.

“Hands up those of you who are using Facebook personally,” I asked the crowd.

Two hands went up. Not even 5% of the room.

They’re missing their market. If you’re not on Facebook and developing an understanding of how people are using it to communicate, then you’ll never be able to reach your ideal clients there.

That was a room full of people waiting to become 50 year old turkeys if they don’t get with the program.

And here’s the point. I’m in the USA where it’s Thanksgiving today. It’s all about turkeys. They’re not eating pasta here for Thanksgiving. If you’re a turkey, I wish you the best of luck.

I meet people all the time who are on their way to becoming 50 year old turkeys, like marketing experts who don’t really understand marketing, social media experts who actually don’t understand social media and people who ask me to get testimonials for them when they haven’t delivered anything to their clients and have no idea what their clients wanted.

Gobble Gobble

So how to you figure out if you’re becoming a 50 year old turkey? It’s simple really. Someone in your business needs to have the responsibility for keeping on top of new developments and making them a part of what you do.

You don’t have to use Facebook yourself if you’d never be the person using it for your business, although I still think you’re missing out. You don’t have to be the person creating and uploading videos for YouTube if that’s not your thing. But someone needs to do it for you because if you’re not doing it, you’re losing out to your competition who, I guarantee you, ARE doing it.

Leadership comes from the top. It’s up to you to set the example for everyone else who works in your business. If you’re too busy to keep up to date and no one else is doing this for you, one day you’ll wake up to find you’ve become a 50 year old turkey.

Maybe you’re reaching for the cranberries right now….

I’ve got three possible solutions for you if feel like you’ve just been basted.

  1. Get with the program! Start to do what everyone else is doing so you don’t fall way behind and end up as Thanksgiving dinner. Get into technology and social media. Ask a small child to help you if necessary.
  2. Invest in learning not just what everyone else is doing but how to make the most of the new technologies. For example, I have a new product I’ll be launching in the next few weeks to help your business become a magnet for your ideal clients on social media.
  3. Hire the experts to take care of all this for you.

While I’m camped out in South Carolina during this holiday season, I’m putting a new business together that could give you Option 3, but only if you’re serious about not being someone else’s Thanksgiving dinner. My business partners and I are very serious about what we’re going to achieve for a select group of entrepreneurs who refuse to be 50 year old turkeys.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs stay on top new marketing channels and technology and feed great marketing into them. In 2014, you could be one of those entrepreneurs I help.

There are always opportunities out there if you know how to find them and make the most out of them. Maybe we could help you do that. Don’t become the 50 year old turkey.

By the way, maybe you were wondering exactly how in the world I was able to watch the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who live, in my office, in South Carolina on Saturday? It’s all about understanding how to make the most of technology. The answer is “the internet, some clever trickery, a projector, a killer sound system and a sofa.”

Happy Thanksgiving (and Happy Hannukah)!

Helping Others To Be Awesome Has Its Benefits

Helping others to be awesome has its benefits.

Today I got great feedback from Adam Hommey and he’s not even a client…. yet!

Check out Adam’s feedback on the company website by clicking here.

Small Ideas Bring Massive Results

Posted on the Testimonial Systems website is a testimonial from Kevin J Ryan about the massive results Kevin is experiencing from implementing one small idea.

It’s amazing the effect that small ideas can have when you actually bother to implement them.

I just heard today about a guy who buys every marketing product he can get his hands on, but they’re still sitting sealed on a bookshelf.

What’s the point if you don’t implement?


Testimonial Machine Infoproduct Launches

Testimonial MachineThis week sees the launch of Testimonial Machine, the only information product that provides a complete solution for business owners who want to fully utilize the power of testimonials in their marketing.


Testimonial Machine is so much more than just helpful information. It’s a complete system that shows you:

  • How to get testimonials quickly, easily, painlessly and systematically from every single customer or client
  • How to get testimonials that uniquely position your business
  • How to get testimonials that make prospects want to buy from you
  • How to publish testimonials on your website in the most-effective proven way for maximum return
  • How to use testimonials to get top and 1st page search engine results which attract new leads
  • Use testimonials to increase your website quality score on Google
  • Use testimonials to convert leads into sales
  • How to use testimonials to get referrals and recommendations through social media by making testimonials go ‘viral’
  • How to get reviews on independent review websites like Google and Yelp!

There’s a ton of information contained in the system, broken down into easy-to-use sections that guide you through the creation of your own comprehensive and customized testimonials system.

Find out more about Testimonial Machine and purchase your own copy, backed by my 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, at the Testimonial Machine website.


Targeted Digital Product Placement Insertion in TV

The Register reports today on new developments in technology that could really change the TV advertising we see. Graphics processing hardware has become so fast that product placements can be targeted and digitally inserted into TV shows and movies watched at home. As they explain:

Imagine that you search for, say, a blender on Google one afternoon, then that evening when you sit down on your couch to indulge in a little mindless Big Bang Theory video-streaming entertainment, you’re treated to Sheldon and Leonard* in a bit of madcap smoothie-making madness with a seven-speed Oster BVCB07-Z. Your next-door neighbor, however, whom the all-seeing intertubes know to be of more modest means, sees the same hijinks – but they’re taking place with a low-rent Oster 6706.

This video shows how the technology works.

John Lewis Shows Us What Customers Want From Independent Retailers

John LewisThe John Lewis Partnership is a British retail institution. Founded in 1929 as a company owned by its employees, known as ‘partners’, today the chain of department stores shows us how to survive at a time when other retailers like JJB Sports, Jessops, HMV and Woolworths have all gone bust. What have John Lewis done differently and what can local independent stores learn from this?

Never Knowingly Undersold

For years, John Lewis was famous for its promise to be “Never Knowingly Undersold”, a claim that, as the Guardian explains, is not as strong today as it used to be. The reason is cutthroat competition from Internet retailers forcing margins downward and John Lewis deciding that they simply weren’t going to play that game. The store has included extended warranties in their price for some time, however now the company will only match prices and issue differential refunds when the offering from another local retailer – with a physical location – has a matching warranty.  The price-match rarely happens because John Lewis tends to offer longer warranties than their competitors.

The decision by John Lewis to water down their low price guarantee with their revised T&Cs hasn’t affected their ability to make money while other high street names are going to the wall. The group’s year-on-year figures for the week to February 2nd 2013 show that sales overall are up 20.6% and their Tamworth store saw an increase of  36.4%. While some businesses have disappeared after desperately trying to reinvent themselves to stay relevant in the internet age, John Lewis has been raking it in.

The Secret’s in the Service

The secret for John Lewis’s success is obvious to its customers – the service. John Lewis department stores distinguish themselves by having salespeople who actually know about the products they’re selling and make the shopping experience a pleasure. Of course it helps that the stores only carry products that they have tested to ensure that their customers will be satisfied with them.

The horror stories that you often hear about how high street retailers dump all over their customers are hard to find for John Lewis. They just seem to know how to look after their customers.

Perhaps the joint ownership of all the partners, who also deal with their customers face-to-face every day, has something to do with it. They take pride in what they do, knowing that looking after valued customers will reward them with continued employment and a bonus in their pay check.

Bad Buying Decision is Impossible

The department store group has built a loyal following over the years. Regular customers who need to purchase televisions or fridge freezers will often go straight to John Lewis and make a purchase on the spot, without even thinking of comparing prices. My own mother purchased a new washing machine from John Lewis over the phone, without seeing the model in person until it was delivered. She knew it was almost impossible for it to be a bad buying decision.

The John Lewis Partnership knows what its customers want – peace of mind:

  • Peace of mind that they’ll be treated fairly as a customer
  • Peace of mind that they’ll have an enjoyable buying experience
  • Peace of mind that they’ll be sold a product appropriate to their needs
  • Peace of mind that they won’t pay an inflated price
  • Peace of mind that they’ll be covered if their product breaks down
  • Peace of mind that they are making a sound buying decision

How else can you explain people paying up to  10% or 20% more than they need to for a product with an inclusive three or five year warranty?

The firm hasn’t been challenged by online shopping. Far from it, in fact. Their online sales for the first week of January were up 48.5% on 2011. John Lewis customers are not so price sensitive. They know where they want to spend their money, even if its not the cheapest possible price.

First-Name Terms With Your Customers Is Not Enough

Being on first-name friendly terms with your local customers is not, apparently, a sufficient reason to keep them coming into your store if there are cheaper alternatives. Local independent shopkeepers are struggling to build the same customer loyalty that John Lewis has, in order to keep their doors open as supermarkets challenge them on their doorstep with new ‘local’ outlets.

As supermarkets try to drive down costs by employing minimum wage workers and self-service checkouts, independent retailers should focus on how best to help their customers and give them peace of mind. Local shops can be memorable for being more helpful than their big-box competitors, both with service and with knowledge. John Lewis has shown that customers will pay a premium for it.



WordPress Tagging For Local Marketing

WordPress tags make it easy to target long-tail local searches for products or services.

All you need to do is add tags that match possible search queries.

This post is an example

Plumber Fixes Leaking Pipe in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn for Local Cynthia Jones

A1 Plumbers of Brooklyn solved the problem of a leaking kitchen pipe for local resident, Cynthia Jones. Mrs Jones called us when her kitchen flooded out after the pipe supplying the hot tap on her kitchen sink sprung a leak.

Fix Leaking Pipe Sheepshead Bay

Our resident problem-solver and master plumber, Mario, was able to get to Mrs Jones within 60 minutes of her call and deal with her plumbing emergency.

“I’m delighted that Mario got here so fast,” said Mrs Jones.”I thought this was going to be a major crisis. Mario came in and calmly solved the problem before pumping out and mopping up my flooded kitchen. I’m putting the phone numbers for A1 Plumbers and Mario in my cellphone and recommending them to everyone. I’ve never had better service!”


This is a test post to demonstrate the power of correctly tagging your WordPress posts.

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