Free Training: How To Get Online Reviews

If you want a serious kick-start to 2016, then I’ve got a no-brainer for you. I'm going to help you start getting online reviews for your business.

It’s Christmas shopping season so if you have a retail business, you’re going to be busy for the next few weeks. Whether or not you’re selling Christmas presents, you probably don’t have a systematic approach to getting online reviews.

That means you’re missing out on the biggest opportunity to massively grow your business in 2016.

Your business may be way ahead of your competitors in delivering great customer service, satisfaction and value-for-money to your customers. But without getting online reviews to reflect that sentiment, you’re leaving the door wide open for your competitors to steal your business – even if you’re better than they are!

Jeff-Giagnocavo"Because of what we've done with Simon, putting these steps in our business, we've attributed about $500,000 in revenue – that's about 25% of our business. The beautiful thing is that I'm not re-investing marketing dollars in those assets. I get to re-use those assets over and over again. The return on investment grows while the new spend stays stagnant, which is great."

Jeff Giagnocavo
Gardners Mattress & More

The Untapped Goldmine

Simon & Dan Kennedy
In my book, The Untapped Goldmine In Your Business, I explained how testimonials and online reviews can be your most persuasive and lowest-cost source of new business. The book received Dan Kennedy’s seal of approval. “Clever, thorough, well done,” said Kennedy.

When I met up in September with my friend, Jeff Giagnocavo, he told me how my strategies for getting and using testimonials and reviews had transformed his bed store, Gardner’s Mattress & More. Jeff said that my strategies were directly responsible for HALF A MILLION dollars in his annual sales – ¼ of his revenue.

Let me repeat: 25% of Jeff’s business comes directly from his testimonials and online reviews. And we’re working right now to increase that further.

I’m going to help YOU do this in YOUR business.

How To Get Online Reviews

For the last 18 months I have been working with different businesses to perfect the formula for getting 5-star online reviews. What I’ve developed is a Blueprint that will enable ANY business to get online reviews from every single customer or client who will go along with the idea.

This will work in YOUR business.

I’ve received a number of emails and phone calls from my subscribers, asking when I’m going to start delivering the free training I’ve been promising.

Free Training

While I’m not quite ready to lift the lid on the entire Blueprint yet, I have put together a free training session that I’m holding this Thursday, December 10th at 1pm Eastern, and you won’t want to miss it.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why many business owners incorrectly (but understandably) believe that their customers won’t post online reviews
  • How to get quality 5-star reviews that actually drive new customers to your business (instead of generic reviews saying “they were great”)
  • How to head off negative reviews
  • The 3 things you can start doing THIS WEEK to get more online reviews before the New Year.
  • The linchpin that holds together a successful 5-star online review strategy
  • How to get my 5-star Reviews Blueprint FREE and before anyone else

PLUS – attend this free live training session and get my book, The Untapped Goldmine In Your Business, (endorsed by Dan Kennedy) completely free, worth $28.

Register Now

Date: Thursday December 10th

Time: 1pm Eastern (6pm London time)

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