I’m Simon Aronowitz and Simon Says Marketing is an extension of my brain.

Who is Simon Aronowitz?

Simon AronowitzMy mission is to help other business provide smack-you-in-the-face amazing customer service and then have their customers rave about them. It’s why they call me “The Testimonial Guru”.

It’s all about cranking up your customers to tell everyone they know about how amazing you are at helping them.

I’m a Professional Pain In The Ass (PPITA). I get paid to be this way.

I’m your best customer or your worst customer, the choice is yours.

How Do I Help Businesses?

I consult with clients to help them be even more amazing at what they do professionally – and sometimes personally.

I’m always working on a new book to share my unique perspective. (Dan Kennedy endorsed my last book, The Untapped Goldmine – it’s listed on Amazon, but you should buy it directly from me – it’s one of the reasons I’m called “The Testimonial Guru”).

I’m always watching the small details for my clients, because the small details make the big picture.

I’m always developing a new product to help businesses be more amazing with the customers and get their customers to tell that story.

I’m always speaking to audiences about how to do what I’ve listed above, whether it’s a group of people at the supermarket, or a room full of conference attendees.


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