Roundup – Thursday 12th November 2015

Coupon culture killing Bed Bath & Beyond

Thanks to Pete Primeau for the heads up.

One of the truths Ron Johnson said about the old JC Penney was that coupons are a drug. He tried to go cold turkey and offer everyday low prices instead…which famously didn’t work… as all shoppers stayed home, sales tanked, and Ron’s work was actively dismantled.

Bed Bath and Beyond’s Coupon Marketing Problems Are Yours Too Retailers

Coupons so hot you can buy them on Ebay… 20% off coupons that don’t ever expire according to BuzzFeed. A coupon culture so out of control, users teach others how to game the system, “If they don’t give it to you, just say, ‘OK no problem. I just won’t buy it here.’

BBC finally discovers dynamic digital product placement

I wrote about it back in March 2013.

New technology can turn TV shows into sophisticated adverts – BBC News

David Sillito finds out how new technology can provide customised product placement.

Display ads generate calls up to 2 weeks later

Apparent lasting effect of online advertising not being attributed in tracking conversions.

Report: Most Calls From Mobile Display Ads Happen Up To Two Weeks Later

In conjunction with the announcement of a new product called “Marchex Display Analytics,” the company released a report that shows display ads aren’t getting credit for all the calls they’re delivering. The report (reg. req’d) is titled “The Missing 98 Percent: Why Display Advertising Isn’t Getting the Credit It Deserves.”

Old shoes help save a life

Glad to have played a very small part in this.

Brayen’s Story

Uploaded by Kaitlin Stansell on 2015-11-12.

Turkey sliders to be air-dropped in Cincinnati, OH

White Castle finds a unique way to promote its sliders over the Holiday Season.

In A Nod To Classic WKRP Scene, White Castle To Drop Turkey Sliders From Drones In Cincinnatti

The Ohio-based White Castle fast food company is tempting fate with a re-creation of the iconic ” Turkeys Away ” episode of the 70s TV sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. The Friday event, which will be broadcast live on Periscope and will feature contests both live and virtual, is aimed at promoting the restaurant’s new limited-time turkey slider menu items, which were unveiled earlier this week.

All Starbucks has to do is make a new cup

If only it were that simple for other businesses…

What Happens When A Red Starbucks Cup Becomes A Seasonal Icon?

In the past few days Starbucks’ red cup has become the center of a controversial “war on Christmas” debate, with some folks saying that the company’s decision to remove Christmas iconography is due to their desire to distance themselves from the Christian faith.

But Dunkin Donuts is fighting back with their own

A successful book launch

When it’s ethical, unlike what Essena talks about (see below), getting everyone to pull together can lead to a hugely successful book launch. Congratulations to Kim.

Hallelujah! We did it!!! I am still in shock…best seller in all of Business AND top 25 in ALL of Amazon. If you…

Posted by Kim Walsh-Phillips on Wednesday, 11 November 2015


France is an inconsiderate host and Iran is a demanding, ungrateful guest

This isn’t really the way to start building rapport. Suggested reading for the diplomats: How To Win Friends And Influence People.

The Iranians, according to France’s RTL Radio, insisted on a wine-free meal with halal meat — a request based on Islamic codes that amounted to culinary sacrilege in France, a nation that puts the secular ideals of the Republic above all else.

France won’t dine with Iran unless they can serve wine

Guess who’s not coming to dinner – or even breakfast or lunch? Ahead of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s landmark European trip kicking off this weekend, French officials reportedly nixed plans for a formal meal in Paris with President François Hollande following a dispute over the menu.

The Internet is becoming a parallel world where some people actually think they live

After going away on an amazing holiday/road trip I come home to see my post on new adventures had only 14 likes…..The lowest amount I’ve ever had on Instagram.

Model mocked for moaning at followers after only receiving 14 likes on a picture

A model has been ridiculed for criticising her followers after only receiving 14 likes on an Instagram picture. Cassi Van Den Dungen, a runner up on the 2009 season of Australia’s Next Top Model, shared a picture of the phrase “say yes to new adventures” two weeks ago with hashtags suggesting she was about to go on a road trip.

While an Instagram refugee calls out the bullshit…

‘He referred to other couples that had been doing it he said we’d have all this free travel and that if we became a couple we’d both bump up our followers and we could make YouTube videos and get heaps of money,’ Ms O’Neill said.

Essena reveals the truth about ‘sham’ online couples

Essena O’Neill alleges that some social media couples are fake The 19-year-old former Instagram star spoke about her own experience She was approached by a supermodel who wanted an ‘online’ relationship He said it would up their followers, get them free travel and make millions The unidentified man proposed the

…So I’m dubious about this story…

The single mother-of-two described how a male friend delivers his semen to her in plastic pots from the Chinese takeaway, which she then rubs into her skin and leaves to sink in for up to 20 minutes.

Delivered in plastic pots from the Chinese takeaway? What number is THAT on the menu?

Beauty blogger covers her face in SPERM every day to keep skin soft

Tracy Kiss, 28, from Wendover, Bucks gives herself a daily ‘semen facial’ Sperm comes from a male friend who delivers it in a plastic takeaway pot Mother-of-two believes it’s helped cure her of skin condition rosacea Shows followers how to apply it in a video tutorial on YouTube A beauty blogger has demonstrated an extreme approach to natural beauty by giving herself a daily sperm facial.

Carefully staged leak of false information or can you not even rely on state-controlled media to follow instructions?

The Kremlin has admitted that Russian television accidentally showed secret plans for a nuclear torpedo system on air.

Russian TV stations broadcast secret nuclear torpedo plans

The Kremlin has admitted that Russian television accidentally showed secret plans for a nuclear torpedo system on air. Two Kremlin-controlled channels, NTV and Channel One, showed a military official looking at a confidential document containing drawings and details of a weapons system called Status-6, designed by Rubin, a nuclear submarine construction company based in St Petersburg.

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