Targeted Digital Product Placement Insertion in TV

The Register reports today on new developments in technology that could really change the TV advertising we see. Graphics processing hardware has become so fast that product placements can be targeted and digitally inserted into TV shows and movies watched at home. As they explain:

Imagine that you search for, say, a blender on Google one afternoon, then that evening when you sit down on your couch to indulge in a little mindless Big Bang Theory video-streaming entertainment, you’re treated to Sheldon and Leonard* in a bit of madcap smoothie-making madness with a seven-speed Oster BVCB07-Z. Your next-door neighbor, however, whom the all-seeing intertubes know to be of more modest means, sees the same hijinks – but they’re taking place with a low-rent Oster 6706.

This video shows how the technology works.