Secret Sauce – Sell Benefits, Not Features

What is the secret sauce in your business?

Many businesses make the mistake of selling the features of their business rather than the benefits to their customers.

A kitchen company that has 136 different types of kitchen to choose from doesn’t impress me as much as one that promises me that they can supply my ideal kitchen with perfect layout, materials and colours.

An engineer with 30 years experience doesn’t offer me the same reassurance as a guarantee that something will be repaired perfectly on the first attempt.

A company’s membership of a trade association offers vague benefits when compared to a satisfaction guarantee, backed by a trade association.

A business can have secret sauce in many ways. A simple way to start is to take your features and turn them into benefits. This will help you stand out from your competitors and move away from pure price competition. Lowest-price customers will always shop for the lowest price.

More discerning customers will be looking for other benefits associated with dealing with a particular company, rather than a rock-bottom price-tag. These are the customers that will appreciate you going the extra mile with what you do; Turning features into benefits will help you attract them.

What are the features of your business and how can you turn them into benefits and secret sauce?