Plumber Fixes Leaking Pipe in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn for Local Cynthia Jones

A1 Plumbers of Brooklyn solved the problem of a leaking kitchen pipe for local resident, Cynthia Jones. Mrs Jones called us when her kitchen flooded out after the pipe supplying the hot tap on her kitchen sink sprung a leak.

Fix Leaking Pipe Sheepshead Bay

Our resident problem-solver and master plumber, Mario, was able to get to Mrs Jones within 60 minutes of her call and deal with her plumbing emergency.

“I’m delighted that Mario got here so fast,” said Mrs Jones.”I thought this was going to be a major crisis. Mario came in and calmly solved the problem before pumping out and mopping up my flooded kitchen. I’m putting the phone numbers for A1 Plumbers and Mario in my cellphone and recommending them to everyone. I’ve never had better service!”


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