Fake Reviews? Amazon Sues!

What is a genuine 5-star online review worth to your business?

Apparently fake reviews are worth $5.

Did you see the news a couple of weeks ago that Amazon is suing 1,114 “John Does” who have been posting fake online reviews on the shopping site?

For as little as $5 on Fiverr, you could buy a fake 5-star review for your product listed on Amazon.

Would you pay $5 for a fake review for your product or service on Amazon, Google Plus or Yelp?

Amazon’s lawsuit may just be a huge warning that they don’t take kindly to fake reviews on their site.

After all, are they really going to insist that all 1,114 defendants are actually identified and then pursued for damages? For a 5 buck review?

Amazon wants to encourage genuine reviews on the products listed on their website. However, Amazon doesn’t have a big carrot to go with their sueball stick.

If you’ve ever purchased from Amazon as I have, then you’ll probably have received emails via the retailer asking you to provide a online review. Perhaps you’ve received a slip of paper or a card with your purchase, asking you to post a review. Yet it’s still down to the purchaser to decide to write and post a review.

Given that 1,114 people are being sued for writing fake reviews, there’s clearly a market for this service. If you couldn’t persuade your customers to write a 5-star review and the only way you could get them was to pay $5 a time for a fake review, you might have considered paying for this service – at least until Amazon’s lawsuit.

Faking reviews may look like an easy win, but you get so much more from genuine reviews posted by your real customers. Did you realize that when your customer posts an online review for your business, they’re more likely to buy from you again and refer the people they know?

When your happy customers post online reviews for your business:

  • You improve your search results
  • You demonstrate social proof why your business is the only sensible choice for the potential customer
  • You increase repeat sales
  • You increase referrals

So why would you want to invest in chasing fake reviews when you could instead get so much more from the real deal?

Online Reviews For Your Business

There are solutions on the market today that promise to help you get online reviews for your business. They’re often called “Reputation Management Platforms”. In a nutshell, you use them to systematically follow-up with each customer by email and ask them to post a review.

I have a big problem with reputation management platforms. They suck!

You see, reputation management platforms just don’t work. Or, to be more clear, they don’t work on their own.

Even with a reputation management platform, you still have to hope and pray that your customers will post an online review. Once you’ve entered their contact information into the platform, it’s a crap-shoot whether or not they actually respond and post a review.

Every solution for online reviews that I see is marketed as a silver bullet. They promise to solve your online reviews problem. But they’re just a tool. Like any other tool in your toolbox, they don’t work on their own. You have to know how to use the tool to achieve your objective. That’s what none of them will teach you.

If you sign up to a reputation management platform – a tool for getting online reviews – you’ll get operating instructions on how to use the tool. But buying a cordless drill and reading the operating instructions doesn’t make you a home construction expert any more than having a reputation management platform account makes you an expert at getting online reviews.

And until now, not a single reputation management vendor will teach you how to use their tool to become a master at getting online reviews for your business.

The Good News!

If you want to be serious about getting online reviews for your business – genuine online 5-star reviews – then I have the solution.

What you don’t realize – and what none of the reputation management vendors explain – is that you don’t have to hope and pray for your customers to post an online review for your business. It doesn’t have to be entirely down to the customer. You CAN take control of the situation.

A reputation management platform can play a big part in the process of getting online reviews, but the platform won’t do it on its own.

Like I said, there is a process you need to follow to get online reviews, and it takes more than just sending out an automated email.

The formula that I’ve perfected will enable YOU to take control of your online reviews. I’ll show you how to leave nothing to chance and ensure that you get the 5-star online reviews your business deserves.

You’re not going to learn this anywhere else. The reputation management vendors just want your money for their system. They really don’t care how effective it is for you.

My focus is on getting results. I DO care about helping you get more online reviews. By using my formula, you’ll stack up those genuine online 5-star reviews.

So I’m putting together a free training session to help you do that. I’ll have more information about that training session in the coming days. Since I don’t have a date set in stone for the training session, I can’t invite you to register for it. But I can invite you to register for notification about that training when it’s locked down.

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