Drive Traffic With Cool, Fun Stuff

Cool, fun stuff can drive traffic to your website. Two examples from today:

1. This morning I was with one of my clients, Michael Cotton, from Eastcote Sign and Display. I was looking through Michael’s photos of recent jobs to see what we could post on his website.

I found one of his recent holiday photos from his trip to Rome last month with his wife, Lin, and couldn’t resist the opportunity to start a caption competition.

With Michael’s approval, we posted the pic and caption competition info this morning on the company website, Facebook page and on Twitter. The writer of the best caption wins themselves a canvas print of whatever image they supply.

This has driven a load of traffic to Michael’s website. At last check, over 1,600 people had visited just that page today because of the competition. Admittedly the traffic spiked substantially when Michael’s daughter, Fearne Cotton, tweeted about the competition to her 800,000+ Twitter followers. The surge of traffic even temporarily caused some web-server issues which were soon resolved. (It helps to keep an eye on things if you’re expecting traffic; people will understand things going wrong if they’re fixed quickly.)

2. The other example which is bound to generate traffic is this video of artist David Kassan using the Brushes app on his Apple iPad to draw a live model. The 3 hour sitting has been condensed into an 8 minute video. My attention was drawn to this video by Stephen Fry’s tweet and I’m sure that of the 15,000+ views on YouTube, many of them will have resulted in hits to David’s website. Hopefully he’ll get some work out of it too.


So if you’re looking to drive some traffic to your website, think about what you could do that would be slightly different and would take just a little more effort than what you would normally do.

Simon Says Media can help you drive traffic to your site like we’ve done today with Eastcote Sign & Display.

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