Testimonials – The Best Free Advertising For Your Company

Testimonials are a wonderful thing. They let you have real people tell prospective customers how great you are. You are able to attach your credibility and reputation to that of your happy customer. In many ways they help sell your product or service better than anything you could do yourself.

Untapped Goldmine

Many companies have delighted customers who would be more than happy to write a testimonial. This is something I’ve personally experienced over the last couple of days. Having spoken to Michael Cotton at Eastcote Sign and Display and his customers, I realised that there was an untapped goldmine out there for his company. His customers keep coming back for a reason – they’re a great company to work with.

Quick and Easy

Together, Michael and I drew up a list of 11 regular customers. Leaving Michael to continue making signs, I went off to contact his customers. So far I’ve spoken to six customers on the list and received two testimonials back. In less than 48 hours.

In under two days we have some material to improve the marketing message for Eastcote Signs. We’ll be adding these and the other testimonials to the website in due course.

It’s also important that you thank customers who help you so I’d like to extend Michael’s and my thanks to Saida at Brent Council and Paul O’Brien at J&B Construction for their prompt action.

Great Free Advertising

Michael’s testimonials have given him great free advertising – he hasn’t had to pay anyone to develop any slogans or hire actors to pretend to be customers. The messages speak for themselves.

Here’s one of the testimonials received:

“Eastcote Sign & Display have produced a number of banners for Brent Council including lamppost banners, posters and also print all the adverts that appear on the side of Brent Council buses.

The service, quality and price is very good and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Saida Ladha
Business Development Manager
Brent Council

If Michael had asked for the testimonials himself, then getting great advertising like what you see above really would have cost him nothing.

Our next step is to implement a strategy where all customers are regularly asked for their feedback, in order to help promote the company and to identify areas of improvement.

A small amount of effort in a new direction can yield spectacular results. In this case, a few phone calls and emails has rewarded us with some great advertising for Eastcote Signs.

Too Busy? Outsource!

Do you wish you had comments like this about your company on your website?

Some business owners, like Michael, are too busy to take care of testimonials themselves. That’s where we can help. Just like we’ve done here with Michael, we can have great customer testimonials for your company in just a few days.

Call us today on 020 3358 3321 to kick start your testimonial strategy.