How To Get More Clients And Charge More By Making Yourself The Expert

Hello I'm An Expert

Hello I'm An ExpertAlmost everyone has an expertise in something, whether it’s making model airplanes or making sales.

Because I know so many marketers, coaches and authors, most of the people I mingle with have professional expertise – they get paid to provide their expert knowledge to others, whether it’s in the form of consultancy, information or as some sort of service.

What these professional experts want to know is how to get more clients and charge more for their expertise.

Today, I’m going to tell you about two easy ways to do this if you’re a professional expert who wants to get more clients and charge more for what you do.

The first, which you may have guessed was coming, is to get testimonials that focus on your expertise and authority in your area of business.

A simple way to do this is to ask an appropriate question as part of a set of questions when soliciting testimonials. Here’s just one of many formulas you could use for that question:

Why is [enter your name] the number one expert at [enter what you do] and why should others choose [name] and no one else for that product/service?

The second easy way to get more clients and charge more for what you do is to get yourself on television as the go-to Celebrity Expert.

Did You Say “Easy” Simon?

Yes, I did say “easy”. Once you’ve been on TV as the expert in your field, you’ll find you have clients lining up to do business with you and as a result, you can build up a waiting list and increase your prices. You will turn yourself into an expert in demand.

You may think that getting on TV isn’t easy. Well actually it is, or I wouldn’t have said it.

My friend, Clint Arthur, is the expert at getting people booked on TV as the Celebrity Expert. His Celebrity Launchpad events train and package experts before he brings in TV producers and he guarantees he’ll get you booked on TV.

Now hang on, don’t close this page yet, I’m not selling anything!

Here’s the really easy bit – right now, you have a chance of getting Clint’s expertise without paying a single penny!

Clint has entered a contest, and he’s running his own contest off the back of it. He’s offering one lucky person an all-expenses-paid VIP trip and Scholarship to his Celebrity Launchpad event. He’ll fly you into Hollywood from anywhere in the continental USA, have you picked up in a limousine, deliver you to the W Hotel in Hollywood and pay for 4 nights stay while you attend his event and get booked on TV as the Celebrity Expert.

All you have to do enter Clint’s contest is click on the link below, vote for Clint, and leave a comment explaining what you do – what makes you an expert  – and what you want to present at Clint’s Celebrity Launchpad event.

To increase your chances of winning, you could get your friends to vote too and leave your name in their comment. So you might want to shout this out on your social media accounts, maybe even send an email to your list.

Clint will be picking the lucky winner in a live webinar on Tuesday 10th December at 5pm PST.

Here’s the link to enter:

Good luck!